Our Services

Our vision is to harness your purchasing power for good.

Through our proprietary platform, we offer a turn-key solution to making compliant sourcing and manufacturing scalable. Notable platform features include: T.R.A.C.E. Vetting + Vendor Scorecard, the company’s proprietary vetting and monitoring algorithm, a digitized vendor matrix, direct-buying marketplace, and digitized workflows including production management and automated impact report generation.

Our enterprise sourcing and manufacturing service includes everything from custom design, to manufacturing control, to logistics. We also offer options to boost your impact including more sustainable packaging and end-of-life recycling services.

Our technology allows us to connect our clients with our growing network of over 200 syndicated makers in over 50 countries through a single vendor of record. We democratize access to the global supply chain to enable sourcing from makers who operate ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Boost Your Impact

Increasing the accessibility of storytelling, sustainability, and transparency are incredibly important to our mission. This is why we have developed more ways for clients to understand and share the positive impact of each product.

Essential Guide: Canadian Ethical Sourcing