About Us

We are on a mission to empower people, protect the planet, and promote better business.


TO THE MARKET (TTM) is a women-owned, technology-enabled B Corp providing transparency in the supply chain, allowing retailers, brands, and corporations to procure goods and quantify the environmental and social impact of their procurement.

Utilizing seamless end-to-end workflow management, TTM provides turnkey supply chain management to our clients, which consists of Fortune 500 corporations, retailers, and brands. The platform also includes a proprietary vendor scorecard, which scores suppliers on their environmental, social, and business performance.

Working with a vetted, diverse network of over 200 syndicated suppliers in over 60 countries, including the United States, we deliver quality products with transparency, impact metrics, and rich storytelling. Our branded supply chain process is a solution for ethical manufacturing, connecting companies to a syndicated network of sustainable, story-rich suppliers.

We are powering the ethical supply chain and setting a new industry standard.

What Did Our Impact Look Like in 2023?