Our Supplier Network

TO THE MARKET (TTM) is founded on the belief that the best way to empower people is to promote their economic independence. The goal of TTM is to promote respect, dignity, compassion, and human kindness while creating self-sufficiency for people who simply need to be given a chance. These values also form the basis for TTM’s Guiding Principles. TTM believes that the following Guiding Principles must serve as the foundation for all of its partner relationships, beginning with the basic respect of human rights.

What Makes Our Suppliers Different?

We believe better supply chains are built on a foundation of ethical work and sustainability. From small artisan groups to large factories, each of our suppliers are approved with our T.R.A.C.E vetting process, a multi-modal assessment across social, environmental, and operational practices designed to evaluate a diverse set of makers across different scales and geographic locations. In short, we screen for a suppliers that are aligned on our mission for business that's better for people and the planet.

What Did Our Impact Look Like in 2023?