It's The Two-Year Anniversary of "Buy The Change You Want to See"!

January 29, 2021

Two years ago today, my bookBuy the Change You Want to See: Using Your Purchasing Power to Make the World A Better Place first hit bookshelves and online shops worldwide.

I’ll never forget how surreal it felt to walk into the Barnes & Noble flagship store in Manhattan and spot my own work right there on the shelves.

When I set out to write the book, I knew I wanted to provide a tool that highlighted just how simple (and fun!) it can be to use your purchasing power for the greater good. I hoped to shine a light on how ethical and transparent supply chains can change lives, and how we are much more capable than we think of creating positive change. It was such a joy to feature the stories of ethical businesses and organizations that are breaking boundaries, and to offer possibility for any reader who’s ever felt powerless to make a difference.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since the book was released. Time has flown by so quickly, and so much has shifted around the world since publishing day. But one thinghasremained the same: the growing power of conscious consumerism. 

When I wroteBuy the Change You Want to See, the word “pandemic” wasn’t yet part of our everyday vocabulary. Today, our lives have been transformed by lockdowns, supply shortages, and hardship among industries that once thrived. We've all felt worry over our loved ones, our health, the jobs our communities rely on, and the fate of cherished small businesses struggling to weather the storm.

Amid this uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated conversations about equitable supply chains, sustainable brands, and sustainable fashion. Conscious consumerism is more relevant than ever. In a global crisis that especially impacts the most vulnerable, more and more everyday consumers have wondered how they can help.

To help answer those questions, I released a bonus chapter of the book late last year. The chapter details everything the TO THE MARKET team and I have learned about pivoting in a pandemic while supporting the greater good. Even in the toughest of times, we found ways to help keep our hardworking suppliers in operation while manufacturing pivotal PPE for frontline workers - and I’m so happy to share the lessons from that experience with you in the chapter.

I feel tremendously grateful for all the doors the book has opened, and all of the feedback I’ve received from friends and strangers alike. It was especially heartwarming to hear that people from so many different walks of life enjoyed reading it, because it was so important to me that the book resonated with a wide range of communities. After all,everyonehas the power to create positive change.

I am thankful for every single reader, and I hope the pages ofBuy the Change You Want to See left you feeling inspired. Here’s to building a better world together.

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