How To Align Your Company Values With The Products You Sell (And Give Away)

January 19, 2022

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Do your customers care about sustainably and ethically sourced products? Do those values align with the products you sell and give away? You can find suppliers who are also committed to sustainably and ethically sourced products all around the globe. 

There are many points along the responsible supply chain where you can have an impact. TO THE MARKET founder and CEO, Jane Mosbacher Morris, is the author of best seller Buy the Change You Want to See, in which she shares her practical tips for how to align your company values such as environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing with the products you sell and promotional products you give away. Here are some helpful ideas to consider.

Choose How Your Products Are Made: Does your company have environmental or ethical criteria for your supplier(s) operations? For example, depending on your company’s core values or ESG goals, you might look to buy from a supplier that is producing in a zero waste production facility, using renewable energy, or certifies fair wages for workers. Maybe you’re interested in purchasing woven or dyed fabrics that are handmade and using traditional techniques to keep a community skill set alive. You can find  ethically sourced and sustainable suppliers whose production methods align with your values all around the globe. Once you choose how the product is made, you can then focus on what it’s made of. 

Pick What Your Products Are Made Of: Is it vegan? Is it biodegradable? These may be common questions your consumers ask themselves while deciding between your product and another brand. As younger consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact their products have on the planet, one of the first qualities they look for is the type of material(s) used. Common eco-friendly fabrics include organic/recycled cotton, hemp, or organic linen. Talk to your suppliers to see if they have sustainable material options!

TO THE MARKET has spent years developing an ethical and sustainable supply chain of over 250 makers in 50 countries that protects our planet and empowers people through sustainably made and ethically sourced products. We strongly encourage you to buy the change you want to see and align your company’s values with the products you sell (and give away!) and we hope these tips help! Still need assistance? Reach out and let us do the heavy lifting – we can navigate a responsible procurement solution for you!

Would you like to learn more about our capabilities inproviding high quality green apparel, home goods, and corporate gifts? Or we are happy to give you a quote if you have something in mind! Contact us here.

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