“Everything You See Exists Together in a Delicate Balance.” – Mufasa, Disney’s Lion King

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My enthusiasm for all things Disney started early. I was drawn to the total escapism that the parks provided, the joy that families experienced when engaging with the brand, and the storytelling pervasive in everything Disney touched. I love the House of Mouse so much that I wrote a significant portion of my case studies at Columbia Business School on the company, its culture, and the entrepreneur that imagineered it, Walt Disney.

My devotion to the brand extended to fashion. As a child, my mother was big on self-expression. My daily uniform consisted of a white, long undershirt with a repeating pattern of Minnie Mouse’s face, which I styled with a turquoise bathing suit, opaque stockings, and a skirt. Fortunately, social media didn’t exist yet.

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Women, Whisky, and Handpainted Totes: How One Entrepreneur Brought it All Together

What does a brilliant former ballerina do after years of professional dancing?  Start a whiskey company, of course! Such is the path of Allison Parc, an entrepreneur breaking the glass ceiling in the Whisky industry with her farm-to-table, organic whisky brand, Brenne Whisky.  When Allison and Team TO THE MARKET dreamt up an influencer outreach campaign to reveal the company’s new branding, we were thrilled to collaborate on handpainted, women-made, organic bags.  Learn more about this trailblazer and her incredible company below.


I was a professional ballerina until the age of 23, which is when I finally let myself enjoy so many of the wonderful foods and drinks previously restricted by my diet – namely wine and whisky. I loved the concept of “terroir,” or sense of place, that was used in winemaking. But whisky had my heart. It was interesting, complex, and full of nuances. I started to wonder if anyone outside of Scotland was making whisky focused on terroir. Was anyone using all indigenous ingredients to effectively capture the taste of a region in a glass of single malt? Continue reading “Women, Whisky, and Handpainted Totes: How One Entrepreneur Brought it All Together”

Procurement With Purpose

Held annually on Summer Solstice, the International Day of Purpose encourages us all to reflect, realign, and recommit to making personal and business decisions through a purpose-driven lens.

On this day, as we think about purpose from a business perspective, what is the connection between procurement and purpose? Where do they intersect? And what can we do differently in our decisions to support purpose-driven ideas that generate positive social impact, transparent supply chains, and buying/selling products that are responsibly sourced? Let’s look a little closer at these questions to gain a broader perspective on procurement and its intersection with purpose. 

Procurement with purpose is becoming increasingly important to many companies. Companies are looking to use their third-party spend in ways that incorporate socially-responsible objectives and that reflect company values. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding that brands and retailers pay attention to and contribute to a socially-impactful footprint.  

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