Why Ethical Custom?

Custom Goods that Reflect your Values - Sustainable, Responsible, and Authentic

If you are going to spend money on custom goods, especially one with your logo, why not make sure the product reflects your values? Our story-rich products put your procurement dollars to work, giving you a high return on investment for a simple reason, people want to keep, use and talk about them!

Making something “custom” is so much more than just adding your logo. It can also mean having each component reflect your values. Customization can include how it’s made, who it’s made by, and what it’s made of - including how it looks.

The Impact of Ethical Custom Swag = Better Bottom Line

Americans spend almost $21 billion dollars a year on promotional products alone! If we sourced even a modest percentage of that from ethical producers employing vulnerable communities, you could have a significant impact!

Procurement with Purpose - Extending Corporate Social Responsibility

competitive prices, lower minimums and faster turnaround times. We work with over 100 artisans groups in over 20 countries. 

We have matched social and environmental attributes based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with our custom products to easily align with your Corporate Responsibility and marketing objectives. 

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made by Women
  • Made in the USA
What Did Our Impact Look Like in 2023?