TD Bank with TO THE MARKET’s ethical & sustainable supply chain produced over 101,000 employee appreciation laptop sleeves.

The social and environmental impact sets a transformational benchmark for harnessing purchasing power for good:


Located in India, the factory that made this product is committed to manufacturing high-quality, responsibly-made products. They include women in their senior management team and employees are provided with healthy work environments and fair compensation. Safety courses and environmental training are offered to all employees. This factory is REACH certified and SA8000 certified and audited to ensure acceptable standards for safe workplace practices. Dedicated to environmental impact, they routinely establish, monitor, and achieve pollution reduction and environmental performance targets. In addition to offering vegan and eco-friendly material alternatives, this factory uses rain water harvesting, reuses and recycles scrap materials, invests in solar powered energy, and even uses eco-friendly accessory finishes. Environmental certifications include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and Global Recycled Standard (GRS).


At TO THE MARKET, we are on a mission for greater supply chain transparency in the retail industry. We calculate quantitative data for both social and environmental metrics to provide detailed and accurate impact reporting. Working closely with our suppliers, we are also able to gather qualitative information such as factory profile details, ethical standards, and sustainable initiatives. Our impact reporting allows businesses and consumers enhanced visibility into the supply chain - so you can harness your purchasing power for good. This page shows the total impact of choosing our responsibly-made products instead of conventional materials and manufacturing methods.

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