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Procurement With Purpose

Held annually on Summer Solstice, the International Day of Purpose encourages us all to reflect, realign, and recommit to making personal and business decisions through a purpose-driven lens.

On this day, as we think about purpose from a business perspective, what is the connection between procurement and purpose? Where do they intersect? And what can we do differently in our decisions to support purpose-driven ideas that generate positive social impact, transparent supply chains, and buying/selling products that are responsibly sourced? Let’s look a little closer at these questions to gain a broader perspective on procurement and its intersection with purpose. 

Procurement with purpose is becoming increasingly important to many companies. Companies are looking to use their third-party spend in ways that incorporate socially-responsible objectives and that reflect company values. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding that brands and retailers pay attention to and contribute to a socially-impactful footprint.  

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Four Favorites from the Farfetch Dream Assembly Fashion Tech Accelerator

London Demo Day for Dream Assembly was a big success yesterday! We have spent the last ten weeks with the Farfetch Dream Assembly team and were honored to be selected to participate in this program out of hundreds!  As we prepare to travel back home this week, we wanted to reflect on our journey with this program, what we have learned, and the tremendous opportunities we have enjoyed over the past few months.

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Where I’ve Been the Last 50 Days – and Why!

On April 10th, my teammate Danielle and I packed our bags and boarded a plane to fly across the Atlantic.  We both had read pretty extraordinary things about our destination; that it was charming, had panoramic water views, and some of the best seafood around!  Countless friends had encouraged us to put this location on our respective vacation bucket lists, but neither of us had made it there yet and didn’t know what to expect.

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Connecting with Women at Alt Summit to Celebrate “Buy the Change”

Alt Summit, a conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers, is a favorite of our founder Jane Mosbacher Morris. In 2015, Jane attended Alt and connected with Macy’s, a meeting that lead to Jane’s first TO THE MARKET trunk show at the flagship Macy’s store in NYC’s Herald Square. Continue reading “Connecting with Women at Alt Summit to Celebrate “Buy the Change””

Maximizing ROI on Branded Product: What “Custom” Means Now

By Jane Mosbacher Morris

*Originally published on the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Blog

Companies are working harder than ever to create positive brand associations and make their values clear to consumers. This effort really matters in today’s increasingly crowded global marketplace, and in response to heightened awareness from consumers, investors, and employees about business practices. Continue reading “Maximizing ROI on Branded Product: What “Custom” Means Now”

3 Things I Am Reminded Of Working With Jane Mosbacher Morris and TO THE MARKET

-Cindy Jones-Nyland, CMO*Originally posted on LinkedIn


The seeds of my relationship with Jane Mosbacher Morris and TO THE MARKET (TTM) were planted during a trip to Malawi. I was beyond lucky to lead a delegation of female leaders (rockstars) (and Joe – who is also a superstar!) on a Heifer International Program visit. These women (and Joe!) and the people we met in Malawi altered my journey. Continue reading “3 Things I Am Reminded Of Working With Jane Mosbacher Morris and TO THE MARKET”