TTM Team Q&A: Mariana Gomes

February 19, 2021

TTM Team Q&A: Mariana Gomes

We're introducing members of the TO THE MARKET team in our Q&A series. Today, we're getting to know our Europe Business Analyst, Mariana Gomes!

Name: Mariana Gomes

Where You’re From: Lisbon, Portugal

Where You Call Home Today: Somewhere between Lisbon and London

How do you practice sustainability in your everyday life?

My approach to sustainability has been adopting small habits at a time. It all adds up at the end of the day, from avoiding unnecessary packages when buying food/drinks or making conscious decisions when buying new clothes - making sure it has been sourced ethically and sustainably or buying second hand when possible.

What excites you most about your career?

At the moment, working at TTM has given me a new purpose - I feel really passionate about the work we are doing. It excites me to work with all the makers we work with around the world, to be part of an amazing team, and ultimately for knowing that we truly are making a difference in so many people’s lives.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My mum and sisters - all powerful women that are really my best friends and my biggest inspirations! I learned with them to always believe in myself and that we really can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Pick a song to describe yourself and explain why you chose it.

Really tricky one… ‘’Put Your Records On’’ by Corinne Bailey Rae always puts me in a good and is the one song I listen to when I need an extra boost of motivation!

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