TO THE MARKET Is A Certified B Corp!

July 29, 2021


BIG news: we are so proud to share that TO THE MARKET is now a Certified B Corporation™! This means we’re joining nearly 4,000 companies in 150 industries and 74 countries around the world to make a positive impact with our work.

What is a B Corp™?

A Certified B Corporation™ is a for-profit company using the power of business to build an economy that is more inclusive and sustainable. In order to be certified, B Corps™ must meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. In short: when you buy from a B Corp™, you’re buying from a business you can trust to use their company as a force for good.

Buy the Change and B The Change

TO THE MARKET became certified as a B Corp™ to ensure our company lives up to our values in every way possible, and to commit even more deeply to those values every day. By holding ourselves to a high standard, we can more closely track TTM’s impact on the planet and the people who work with us. As a B Corp™, we report on all aspects of our business to be sure we are truly building the sustainable supply chain and fair work environments that we strive for.

Certification is highly selective: the assessment process measures our performance in the areas of governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. B Corp™ is one of the only certifications out there that is not just for a product or service (think Fair Trade or OEKO-TEX), but for the entire company behind that product or service. It’s a way to verify that a product was sustainably and ethically created along every step of the process, including with details like the materials used, the factory it was created in, and the workers who made it. We will continue to document our impact and will undergo verification every three years to remain Certified.

B Corps™ abide by a Declaration of Interdependence that inspires us to be the change we seek in the world, to do no harm, to acknowledge that people and places matter, and to recognize that we are dependent upon each other - and thus responsible for each other and for future generations. We’re incredibly proud to make these values part of what we do at TTM.

A Community For Good

In addition to the high standards of the Certification process, we’re ecstatic to be joining a community of like-minded businesses and people who lift each other up in our pursuit of a better world. Certified B Corporations™ include everything from large multinational corporations to small local businesses, united by a goal for good. (Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, Allbirds, Tillamook, and Ben & Jerry’s are all among the B Corp™ ranks!)

B Corps™ make decisions and utilize processes that focus not just on shareholders, but on the company’s impact on all stakeholders, which include employees, customers, the environment, and society at large. The B Corp™ community is dedicated to reducing inequality, decreasing poverty, strengthening our planet, and creating fairly paid, high-quality jobs.

What This Means for Shoppers

Conscious consumerism is more urgent than ever: 90% of consumers want companies to share the ways they’re supporting causes, and 90% of Americans report wishing that more products, services, and stores they shop supported causes. B Corporation™ Certifications can help consumers sift through buzzwords and greenwashing to identify companies that are genuinely dedicated to positive missions. That’s one reason this Certification is so important to us - it shows the world that we’re truly using our business as a force for good.

We are so proud to be B Corp™, and we can’t wait to share more of the journey with you.

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