Spotlight on Our New Custom Product Website!

December 05, 2019

Thinking of gifting custom products this holiday season? Whether it’s for a conference, event, or even general sourcing, our ethical products help take your company on the path towards sustainability.

We just debuted a new website to make wholesale purchases of some of our most popular custom products even easier. From totes to pencil bags to coffee, there’s plenty of options to fit your sourcing needs.

Our products come with TO THE MARKET tags that share where and how the products are made its artisans hail from. It’s all part of our mission of emphasizing transparent supply chains and economic empowerment.

The website also tells you the Environmental Impact of each product. Right away, you can see how many miles of driving emissions you’ve avoided, days of drinking water saved, and hours of LED bulb energy saved. What an easy way to reach your goal of being more environmentally conscious and sustainable!

Here are some of our favorite custom products available on the site!

1. Everyday Tote

Made of Fair Trade and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, our Everyday Tote is perfect for carrying almost anything one could need. We especially like how each tote saves 126 hours of LED bulb energy and 78.3 days of drinking water. Wouldn’t it be great to have your company’s brand associated with that?

2. Branded T-Shirt

We can’t help but imagine all of the different prints, logos, and designs that’ll transform these shirts. You can even customize the front and back! Not only are they made of Fair Trade and GOTS Certified Organic cotton, but they also are comfy enough to wear all day for a conference or team event.

3. Coffee Lovers Gift Set

Who doesn’t need a quick pick-me-up of coffee? Female farmers in Guatemala grow this strong Huehuetenango coffee. And while your employees or customers are sipping their organic and fair trade coffee, they can read Buy the Change You Want to See to learn the impact of your ethical purchase.

4. Black Leather Key Fob

Also in brown, this leather key fob is handcrafted by artisans in Haiti using eco-friendly practices, like vegetable tanning. Adding your custom logo will take this ethical product to the next level so that your brand can be associated with sustainability.

5. Carry-all Tote

We’re always in favor of well designed and personalized totes with pockets. With two pockets on the outside and a zipped one on the inside, this tote works beautifully for a quick weekend or day trip. Imagine your employees or customers using these totes on company retreats or activities, knowing that they’re avoiding almost a mile of driving emissions and helping the environment.

By: Mariya Khan

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