Q&A: Kristiane Davidson, TO THE MARKET's Europe Director

September 11, 2020

We're introducing members of our team in our summer Q&A series. Today, we're getting to know our Europe Director, Kristiane Davidson.

Name: Kristiane Davidson

Where You’re From: Sydney, Australia

Where You’re Quarantining: Someplace by the sea ;)

How do you practice sustainability in your everyday life?

I try to integrate sustainability into every aspect of my life: my groceries are locally grown and/or organic; my clothes are ethically made and/or second-hand; and I walk and/or ride a bike pretty much everywhere. This lifestyle can be adopted by anyone, but it’s not always the easiest path. Being "green" takes a little extra time and energy and a lot of creativity and flexibility.

The good news is that as sustainability enters the mainstream and is being normalized by major corporations and governments, there will be more and better options for all of us to be kinder to each other and to the planet. In the meantime, we all have the power to hasten this transition, through simple actions like voting with your wallet!!

What are your future career goals?

My focus for the future is to continue to promote innovative ways for moving business towards a more sustainable path!

I've been lucky enough to have worked in the area of sustainability across multiple sectors, including city planning, energy, finance, and retail supply chains. I have found that there is almost always a more sustainable way to do something - or to make something - and it’s a matter of connecting decision makers with these options and creating a culture of change.

I’m excited about being a part of TO THE MARKET’s expansion into Europe, as there is so much happening here in the sustainability space. There are growing opportunities for connecting ethical non-traditional suppliers to markets and clients around the globe.

Expanding the sustainable supply chain footprint for TO THE MARKET in Europe generates economic empowerment for many overlooked makers. There are so many energized people who are working on making change for the better! And together, we are changing the way retail manufacturing is done.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

It takes guts and gumption to make real change, so people with these traits really inspire me. Amazing women like Maya Angelou, Jane Jacobs, Malala Yousafzai, Jacinta Ardern, Stella McCartney, and Greta Thunberg each inspire me in different ways! It doesn't matter what your age is or whether you are an activist, author, fashion designer or student - you can make a contribution!

Pick a song to describe yourself and explain why you chose it.

I'm going to go old school on this one: "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree! It's my go-to song for getting pumped and feeling bolder! "Listen as your day unfolds, Challenge what the future holds, Try and keep your head up to the sky!!!"

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