How to Increase Your Supply Chain Transparency & Visibility with Impact Reporting

February 28, 2022

How to Increase Your Supply Chain Transparency & Visibility with Impact Reporting

Communicate Your Impact When Manufacturing Ethically and Sustainably with Impact Reports 

We strive to answer ‘how do the products we produce and sell impact the world’? One of the ways TO THE MARKET does this is by producing Impact Reports for many of the products we source and manufacture. Many people would like to make a positive difference when buying things, but don’t really know how. With  TO THE MARKET Impact Reports, we have the data to show consumers the impact they can make when choosing more eco-friendly products. We create reports specifically for apparel, accessories, and home goods so you and your customers can see the real and meaningful positive impact.

Download an Impact Report Example 

Collecting and Measuring Impact Report data

We believe that it’s empowering to know the positive environmental and social impact  that your products make - which is why we collect both quantitative and qualitative data on a per order basis. 

  1. What do we measure with our quantitative impact data? 

The data varies for each product. Some of the information gathered measures savings in carbon emissions, energy usage, water usage, as well as a number of fair wage hours of work created.


      2. What does our qualitative impact data include?

In an effort to give you full transparency, our qualitative information includes testimonies from the makers, manufacturing practices, and photo assets of workers, which helps with telling the story of how that specific product was made. 


      3. How do we gain more data to provide a fuller picture for impact reporting?

Through our proprietary TRACE vetting system and engagement with our 250+ makers around the world, we are able to obtain data on a variety of important sustainability and ethical manufacturing metrics, such as the maker’s employee demographics, workplace policies, certifications, and factory’s environmental policies.


Product Impact Report Breakdown

Each product has a different set of metrics and data that we have access to so consumers gain insights into how they are making a difference by purchasing sustainably and ethically sourced apparel, accessories, and home goods. 

For consumers interested in ethically sourced apparel, for example, we provide a full product breakdown for further visibility into the impact by product type. Some of the data measured for apparel manufacturing can include:

  1. How much energy was saved? 
  2. How much water was saved?  
  3. How many emissions were avoided? 
  4. How many fair wage hours were worked? 

Download a Product Impact Report Example

At TO THE MARKET, we’ve spent years making it our mission to develop a modern supply chain that not only protects our planet but empowers people. Let us show you how you can offer high-quality products that meet the needs of modern buyers, like we do for Bloomingdale's, Free People, Madewell, and many others.

We’d be more than happy to assist you in eco-friendlysupply chain management using sustainably and ethically sourced apparel, accessories and home goods so we can bothhelp change retail manufacturing for the good.

If you have something in mind, please reach out and we’ll give you a quote.  Contact us.

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