How Team TTM Practices Conscious Consumerism on Black Friday

November 26, 2021

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As Black Friday takes off into full swing, many of us are considering how we can approach this shopping day with thoughtfulness and intentionality. Below, some of Team TTM’s thoughts on conscious consumerism on Black Friday.

"I love Small Business Saturday to support local. They usually carry more unique and sustainable products as well!"



"This year, more than ever, I've been reflecting on the supply chain issues, the labor issues, and all of those who are impacted by this. I am hustling to order all gifts, and also make sure to place all my Amazon orders for the holidays ASAP, and choosing to have these packages arrive in as few boxes as possible. I'd love to be able to support the truck drivers, and all of those who wish they could spend the holidays with their families, but are instead serving us. In addition, I've decided to consolidate my spending this year, and truly only buy what I know people want and or need."



"'Black Friday' takes on a lot of different aspects for me. I always save my shopping to support Small Business Saturday. I think it's important to support the little guys to help them grow to become the best they can be.

I also have my kids clean out their closets and get all of the clothes and accessories that are gently used (or sometimes never used) that we donate to local shelters and Goodwill.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, my children and I go to church and we each take an ornament off the giving tree and buy a gift for those less fortunate, especially for children and single parents."



"If you're looking to shop ethical this weekend, TO THE MARKET baseball caps and buckets hats make great gifts this season. They are ethically made by a US union factory of recycled plastic water bottles and organic cotton. And if that wasn't enough, they are on sale at Nordstrom Rack right now."



"Throughout the year, but specifically during the holiday season, I try to be a very conscious consumer. I always look into the brands and retailers that I buy from to understand what mission, vision, and values they are standing for. On Black Friday, I focus on buying from brands and retailers that I feel good about and know are using ethical and sustainable practices. I love supporting small businesses that focus on ethical production and artisan empowerment. I try to focus on purchasing from these types of brands all throughout the year."



"Black Friday is a great time to harness our purchasing power for good! I am indulging in a Saint Holiday caftan (ethically made in Portugal) as I daydream about the return of summer. I'll also be grabbing TO THE MARKET felt ornaments from Bloomingdale's for every person I know because they are just so happy!"



"One change I've made around the holiday shopping season is to make local markets the first place I look to find gifts for friends and family. I live near D.C. and love the Downtown Holiday Market. Not only could I browse with a hot chocolate in hand, but the market also had tons of local, unique, and ethically produced goods available. They sold everything from chocolate truffles to scented candles to beautiful prints! Pop-up markets like these are common around the holiday season, especially if you live near a big city, so make sure to look up whether there are any in your area this year!"



"On Black Friday I will donate clothes to my local charity store, to contribute to the secondhand clothing market."



"Over the holidays, I am mindful about the types of gifts I'm purchasing and how I'm giving them to others. For example, buying sustainable apparel such as 100% organic cotton holiday pajamas or wrapping the gift in an eco-friendly paper. I also love shopping at local and women-owned businesses and sharing with family and friends where I purchased from and the story behind it."



"I don't actually like to Black Friday shop - I feel like Black Friday shopping encourages consumers to buy things they don't want or need simply because they are significantly cheaper than usual. The documentary The True Cost explains how sales - and Black Friday sales in particular - generate a wild amount of waste and are a key component of unconscious consumerism in retail. That being said, I will probably take advantage of the sale Reformation has because they are super ethical and sustainable and one of my favorite clothing brands!"



"I don't plan to shop on Black Friday itself this year, but I'm excited to spend some time on my neighborhood's main street for Small Business Saturday. While I love supporting small businesses online, I'm also eager this year to visit local shops in person. There's something so much fun about browsing for gifts knowing you're supporting your neighbors and your community with your purchase."



"I normally consider electronic gift cards for experiences such as spa services through small businesses. This eliminates the need for packaging and shipping to help with the environmental footprint, while supporting small businesses."



"Holiday gifts are even more meaningful when you support a small business that you love. I LOVE Good Karmal. They are women-owned and based in Bozeman, MT. I have ordered gifts from them for over 10 years and they bring joy to all who give or receive their delicious and fun caramels! Spreading good karma makes my heart happy."


Happy holiday season, and cheers to shopping consciously whenever we can!

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