How Team TTM Celebrates Giving Tuesday

November 30, 2021

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Giving Tuesday is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference, and to reflect on how connected we all are in such a busy season. Here are some organizations that our TTM team members love to support!


"One of the organizations I like to support is the Covenant House of California. They are an organization that helps provide services for homeless youth living on the streets.

I support because children and teens are the most vulnerable and so many are not given equal opportunity and are at risk for living on the streets, human trafficking, drugs, and much more. I believe we can make a difference by early intervention and providing shelter and education to give these kids an opportunity at life."



"CARE's presence in Afghanistan right now is helping to fill the vacuum recently left by the recent withdrawal. As a Board Member, I get to see up close how critical their work is with the Afghan people as we approach a very difficult winter. I would encourage everyone to consider supporting their Afghanistan-specific campaign."


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"For Giving Tuesday, one organization that means a lot to me is 826 Valencia, a non-profit organization in SF that helps kids with their creative and expository writing skills. During my summers in high school, I volunteered as a tutor for students in one-on-one sessions, as well as in larger group workshops. 826 Valencia is part of a larger national organization that has chapters in several cities including Boston, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles!"



"I support children's leukemia organizations and anything that has to do with children, even down to the local nursery schools. I have fundraised for the Cohen Children's Medical Center, too, for the past 20 years. Our efforts have made machines and technology that can coach doctors located in underrepresented parts of the world as they perform surgeries on children. All children are sacred to me, and I will do anything to help nurture them to grow into the fullest life they can have.

Here's a picture from 2019 when I was a part of the 'Dream Team.' This is with the adorable Girl of the Year who had undergone leukemia treatments since birth. Our fundraising made her able to get special treatments so she could go to kindergarten for the first time."




"My favorite organization to support is Remake. They are an organization that educates and advocates for human rights and sustainability in the fashion industry. They are making a huge difference by helping viewers understand how their purchases are affecting the world around them."



"Starting back in 2012, I've volunteered, worked, and fostered with a local organization, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. With help from the community, they're able to rescue thousands of dogs and cats every year, even from other countries with large stray populations like Thailand and Kuwait. It's amazing to get to see the love and joy these animals bring into the lives of their new families."


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"I do all of my giving through the inLieu app, which was created to redirect wasteful spend towards impact. Think Venmo, but instead of paying your friend back for pizza, donate that $5 towards their favorite nonprofit. It's quick, easy, and whether you're on your phone or computer you can give any amount within seconds. There's also a live social feed to see who's giving to who and what nonprofits are trending! My favorite nonprofits are:

  • The Friendship Circle. The friendship circle has a presence worldwide, and is dedicated to bringing happiness and companionship to Jewish children, teens and young adults with special needs, as well as bringing energy, support and peace of mind to their families.
  • Planned Parenthood, on a mission to ensure all people have access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures. Founded in 1916, Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, educator, and passionate advocate here in the U.S. as well as a strong partner to health and rights organizations around the world. Each year, Planned Parenthood delivers vital sexual and reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people.
  • And The Movemeant Foundation, where they are focused on teaching women and girls that fitness and physical movement is essential to unlocking the values of self-confidence, resiliency, commitment, balance, and community.



"For years as the CMO of Heifer International, Giving Tuesday was an important fundraising marker. Radical generosity of donors today and every day, can generate change in all its forms. Today on this Giving Tuesday, consider supporting the work at Heifer."


Cindy smiling as she poses next to a statue of a cow in support of Heifer International



"When I lived in India I had the opportunity to work with multiple different programs under We Care Center India. The Good Samaritan Home was where I spent most of my time, getting to know the women who lived there and working with them on various projects. The Good Samaritan Home is a place for women with illnesses to find home, help and acceptance. I am blessed to call these women and the facilitators of the program my friends.



"The organization I support the most is the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). IPPF is a global non-governmental organisation with the broad aims of promoting sexual and reproductive health, and advocating the right of individuals to make their own choices in family planning.

Women in developing (and developed) countries who have the option to choose when and whether they have children are better able to access education and are better able to lift themselves out of poverty.These empowered women are then better able to promote sustainable development and the empowerment of other women.

For these reasons, I think the work that they, and other similar organization, do is imperative."



Happy Giving Tuesday! And remember: large contributions aren't the only ones that can help move mountains. Any donation, large or small, can help make an impact for your favorite organization. Every act of care adds up!

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