March 25, 2019


Sydney Price supporting Abahizi Rwanda’s team leaders.


We recently caught up with Sydney Price, a long time advisor and friend to TO THE MARKET. She is an award-winning executive, ICF certified coach, inspirational speaker and the Founder of The Knew Purpose, a conscious leadership company. She is recognized as a catalyst in business transformation for her abilities to intertwine purpose, business, and social impact, and was awarded “Most Influential Women” by CEO Connection in 2015.

Previously, as SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility at Kate Spade & Company (KSC), Sydney strategically built a profitable commercial channel within KSC’s value chain while creating a women-focused Social Enterprise Supplier Model in Rwanda. This innovative model received “Best Economic Empowerment Program” from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in 2015 and was studied and endorsed by Georgetown University in 2017.

Sydney continues to passionately drive Good Business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission with The Knew Purpose is to awaken leaders and companies to their authentic purpose, establishing better business practices as the new global standard.

As we honor and celebrate women during March’s Women’s History Month, we caught up with Sydney to gain insight into what inspires her, why leaders should focus on purpose as closely as profit, how to surround yourself with the right people, and her best career advice for female leaders.

TO THE MARKET: What inspired you to start your business, The Knew Purpose?

SYDNEY PRICE: I have always followed my passion and purpose throughout my career and it has served me well.  During my transition after leaving Kate Spade & Company it became clear while going through my exploratoryinterviews with companies that I liked and respected, the work I really wanted to do in the world did not exist in a traditional corporate environment where I had spent the past 20+ years. I also observed first hand there was an opportunity to guide leaders to become better global citizens; and wake them up to their actions and the effect it had on people and the planet.  So The Knew Purpose was created from my passion to support a new type of leadership in the world, Conscious Leadership, one that uses business as a force for good rather than profits alone.  It was time to build my own business that fully supported my purpose, and invest in myself.  And because it was going to be mine, I ensured my key values were fully integrated into its foundation like:  authenticity, inclusivity, collaboration, social impact, sustainability, and learning & development.   Starting a business is not for the faint at heart.  But if you base it on purpose, your passion will light the way.

TO THE MARKET: Can you explain The Knew Purpose and why it matters to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as they navigate business objectives?

SYDNEY PRICE: The Knew Purpose is an Education Company focused on leadership development and business sustainability; supported by coaching, online courses, team workshop, and consulting.  We are passionate about life long learning, upskilling and education. So, The Knew Purpose guides leaders through our SoulMap® method to build financially sustainable businesses while solving societal challenges. It is estimated within the next few years the global economy will need 212 million new jobs.  With the belief that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are the job creators of today and tomorrow, we want to be part of this movement by supporting conscious leadership.  The SoulMap® method wakes up dreams, unleashes potential, and empowers entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.  It allows them to design and build from their unique vantage point utilizing the 9-principled method step by step regardless if they are building their own business or leading a fortune 500 company.  This approach helps leaders navigate their business goals and objectives in the most authentic way leading with purpose.

TO THE MARKET: How do you select which opportunities and people you surround yourself with when you’re trying to start a business?'

SYDNEY PRICE: When you are trying to start a business and attract the type of opportunities and people to support your vision, self-discovery is where you need to start.  “Like attracts like” so it is essential to first get clear on what fills you up with joy and motivation, and what impact you want to have on the world.  Once you are clear, incorporate these key ingredients into your business.  Next step is to do an honest assessment of your strengths and weakness as a leader.  This process creates discernment in identifying mutually beneficial partnerships and attracting rewarding opportunities based on a shared purpose and mission.  And of course, always use your intuition.  Our intuition is an immediate and instinctive response. A sixth sense.  It gives us the ability to see into inner character, underlying truths, and situations.  So always trust your gut!

TO THE MARKET: What advice would you give other female leaders as they integrate their unique gifts in their work and life?

SYDNEY PRICE: Here are my top 5 pieces of advice:

– Be the change you want to see in the world AND absolutely have fun doing it.
– Surround yourself with other women leaders, where you can provide each other with encouragement and community.
– Go out of your way to express kindness, a smile or a thoughtful gesture – can make someone else’s day.
– Champion & empower other women, especially those that don’t have a voice in our global society.
– Be generous with your unique gifts and talents, as this creates a ripple and boomerang effect promoting abundance and joy.

For more information about The Knew Purpose and how to spark Good Business in yourself, your leaders or your organization, visit

Sydney Price supporting Abahizi Rwanda’s team leaders.


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