Five Ways Reading Supports the Change You Want To See

September 13, 2019

This past week we celebrated International Literacy Day (ILD), a day established by UNESCO to shine the light on global literacy needs. Every year on September 8 the world comes together to focus on getting the resources where they need to be so everyone can read everywhere. It’s also known as National Read a Book Day, all to underscore the importance of reading and literacy. Reading is crucial to success. Supporting literacy is a truly impactful way to lift others and change the world for the better.

We wanted to come up with real, actionable items to “Read the Change You Want to See.” Through the very act of reading, we can have a huge impact and demonstrate to the world the things we value most. 


Read a memoir or biography about a person from a part of the world you know nothing about. Walking a mile in another's shoes always broadens perspective and pushes us towards empathy and action. Read about someone new to learn, grow and light a fire to do more!


Support publishers that prioritize environmentally-sustainable practices. Whether it’s through using recycled paper in publishing, reducing unnecessary packaging, or supporting a green office, publishers can do a lot to have a positive impact on Mother Earth. Support the ones that do!


Support book donation programs. Have you been watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?” Us, too. So you know it’s time to go through all the wonderful books sitting on your shelves collecting dust! Give those books a new life by donating them to your local library or a literacy non-profit.


Go digital! A great way to support authors and reduce your carbon footprint is to embrace digital reading. Get out those electronic devices and go book shopping!


Get involved with a literacy nonprofit. Volunteer your time and/or money with an organization like the International Literacy Association, or keep it local and find ways to support literacy in your area through schools, libraries and other nonprofits. There are a million ways to share the resources you have!


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