Client Spotlight: How Farfetch Helps Indie Fashion Shine

February 21, 2020

Looking to buy the change you want to see in your wardrobe? Look no further than Farfetch. The online marketplace and tech platform is making ripples across every level of the fashion world. Farfetch provides a worldwide sales platform for independent boutiques who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a global retail stage. When indie clothing makers have the chance to shine, your positive purchasing power can go that much further.

With Farfetch, you can support local designers all over the world.
Farfetch was launched in 2007 by José Neves, a longtime fashion entrepreneur. (His grandfather owned a shoe factory, so you know his appreciation for well-made apparel goes way, way back.) The company went public in 2018, and today, Farfetch sells products from more than 3,000 brands and is valued in the billions.

Neves once told Wired UK, "if you don't love what you do, you'll probably fail.” As any entrepreneur knows, you'll need a healthy dose of passion to get you through hard days and setbacks - and the dedication behind Farfetch’s success is a prime example of that. As Farfetch has expanded to brick-and-mortar stores and white-label services, Neves has stuck to his initial goal of empowering unique emerging designers.

Farfetch is part of our story.
For us, Farfetch is more than a treasured client (though they’re that too!) - Farfetch is part of TO THE MARKET’s story. Last year, TO THE MARKET took part in Farfetch’s Dream Assembly, an accelerator focused on fashion and retail that offers “the world’s most promising startups a program of education, mentorship, networking opportunities, early-stage funding, and access to investors.”

TO THE MARKET was one of just eight participants chosen out of hundreds of prospects for a Dream Assembly session focused on sustainability and positive impact in fashion. Our founder and CEO Jane Mosbacher Morris and chief of strategy Danielle spent 10 weeks in Lisbon, Portugal, where they met with local European brands to learn more about expanding our vision of an empowered ethical supply chain. At Dream Assembly, TO THE MARKET took part in mentorship sessions and workshops about e-commerce, tech, marketing, and other aspects of the business of fashion to help propel our work forward. Farfetch is also one of our key investors.

Since then, we’ve worked with Farfetch as a client on their Positively Farfetch initiative. This movement aims to make Farfetch “the global platform for good in luxury fashion,” with a focus on positive retail choices that improve our environment and our world. We tapped into our network of makers and supply chain knowledge to help Farfetch source organic, fair trade swag (first stop?  hoodies!) for their team.

Farfetch loves retail as much as we do.
Farfetch has long said that they exist “for the love of fashion," and that's a love that TO THE MARKET shares! Farfetch’s dedication to connecting consumers all over the world to innovative indie brands is something we’ll always be inspired by. Oh, and did we mention that the clothes they sell are painfully chic? That certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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