Client Spotlight: How Farfetch Helps Indie Fashion Shine

Looking to buy the change you want to see in your wardrobe? Look no further than Farfetch. The online marketplace and tech platform is making ripples across every level of the fashion world. Farfetch provides a worldwide sales platform for independent boutiques who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a global retail stage. When indie clothing makers have the chance to shine, your positive purchasing power can go that much further. Continue reading “Client Spotlight: How Farfetch Helps Indie Fashion Shine”

Conscious Consumerism 101: What is Sustainable Fashion?

This letter is part of our Conscious Consumerism 101 series, a guide to help you make empowered, ethical choices when shopping. Today, a look into sustainable fashion.

Have you noticed your favorite bloggers tagging more and more outfits with #sustainablefashion? What about the influx of fashionistas singing the praises of secondhand clothes? You’re not imagining things: we’re in the midst of a shopping revolution. As more consumers learn more about the challenging  human and environmental costs of the fast fashion industry, the sustainable fashion movement continues to grow in its place. So what, exactly, makes an outfit or accessory sustainable? And how can you know whether your purchase makes a positive impact?

Continue reading “Conscious Consumerism 101: What is Sustainable Fashion?”